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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My 15-month old is a grownup

Hello Xofia,

You're a cautious toddler. It'll take minutes for you to warm up to someone, and hours to a group (especially the loud ones). However tonight, you found someone you instantly clicked with.

Your Auntie Han is home for some errand, and brought with her a friend. The moment you saw your aunt's friend, you were playing and laughing with her. I wasn't home yet but I was told you guys spent the whole time together.

You were extraordinarily chirpier the whole duration of dinner. Must be more than happy to be sharing the dinner table with your newfound friend, Tita Rosemae. You were also a show-off--a rarity! You let out the cutest giggle and the widest smile. When it was time to brush your teeth, you obligingly opened your mouth wide. Conscious that you had an audience, you grabbed your toothbrush and proceeded to brush your teeth like a grownup.

After dinner, you can't wait to walk around. I was a bit worried that you might be cranky as it was time for you to sleep. However, you were so happy to be allowed to walk around, you were talking your toddler-talk non-stop while pointing to things as if making conversations about them. You even covered your mouth when you laughed!

When your nanny said you needed to sleep already, I told you that it's sleeping time. You did not hesitate, you went to your nanny and raised your arms to be lifted up. You then promptly waved goodbye to us left in the living room.

All these, baby, and you're only 15 months old and 2 days.

Is this telling Mommy not to worry you'll surely grow up to be a good girl?




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