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Friday, October 24, 2008


iLASIK is now being tapped by the Department of Defense and NASA. iLASIK is the new generation, all laser form of LASIK. Unlike the earlier version, iLASIK uses two lasers instead of one.

The LASIK technology has benefited civilians for 5 years. Today, the military is requiring their specialized personnel, those who need it, to undergo the modern LASIK technology, iLASIK. This technology uses two lasers in two stages. Replacing the handheld device used in the earlier technology, the first stage maps the unique characteristics of the eye, and then a computer-guided laser creates the corneal flap. The second laser is then used to correct the vision. The use of the two lasers makes the procedure safer than before. For more LASIK information, visit ilasik.com

The Military has evaluated the modern LASIK technology administered to 100 of their personnel, and confirmed that 95% has achieved 20/20 vision. These personnel who received the treatment recommend the procedure to their colleagues. Dr. Schallhorn said that there is no better time to grab the opportunity but now; the procedure has never been safer.




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