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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Report those annoying calls

Thrice, not just once, did I receive that very excited SMS at different occasions telling me I won some hefty cash. The first one, I replied with a question, curious cat that I am. Turns out the person on the other end of the line wanted me to deposit some cash in a bank account so they can "process my winnings." That right there is spelled S-C-A-M. The second message I ignored. The third I answered (just because it gives me the giggles) to go hit their head silly until blood comes out or until they realize how lame their scam is, whichever comes first.

Also, I've received several calls wherein the person on the other end of the line seemed to be experiencing a fatal attack of asthma he can't stop wheezing. A couple of calls accused a member of my family of a misdeed. Then, who here didn't receive that annoying, persisting call of credit card agents and telemarketers?

Report Phone Numbers is a site that allows you to report those annoying phone numbers and comment on them letting other users know what to expect from that call. You can also search for numbers and see what other people say about those numbers. If you've had bad experience with a specific number, I encourage you to click on that link above and report those calls.



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