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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another one about househelps

The househelp is not yet back, and weirdly, I like it better without her.

Maybe because Xofia's nanny is still able to keep things tidy and orderly. I never liked how she works in the first place. I should know. At days that I am at home, she'd just lock herself up in her room most of the time, and I'd feel it wrong to disturb her for an errand. I am weird like that, that's why I prefer househelps who keep themselves visible so I don't have to come looking for them. It just doesn't feel right. I see her clean up the house, or at least attempt to. Contrary to popular belief, I am not that hard to please when it comes to cleanliness. I have long learned not to expect much from somebody other than myself. The thing is that even my husband who doesn't care stuff like these notices.

And surprisingly, Xofia's nanny, with even Xofia around, is still able to do the laundry. I'd like to think we'd be okay even without the extra help. It will definitely be good for my budget.



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