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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Top Websites reviews

Have you ever wished there's a Website that enables you to search for something, and before you click on the URL, provides an honest review about the site? I do, it gives me a different search experience and I appreciate that.

Website Reviews provides such service. The reviews are from fellow internet users. Anybody are free to review a site, give their opinion on their most favorite and least favorite site. Of course that includes you. You can provide reviews of any site you wanted to review on, and let the rest of the internet world know. This is the court of public opinion brought to a different level.

For the convenience of the users, Top Websites are listed on the side bar categorized under Overall Top 500, Shopping/Retail, Arts/Entertainment, News/Information, Kids, Sports, and Travel. I am specifically interested on user reviews of different kids Web sites.



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