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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yep, still alive!

And so you wonder, what the H is happening to the blog author? That is, if you still visit me here.

Like always, work gets in the way.

I got so so sooo busy and stressed that I had to have a body massage. For the first time ever. Because I have done every possible way of de-stressing but to no avail. See, I never had a body massage in my life because I am ticklish I was afraid I'd drive the masseuse nuts.

One day at work, I literally surrendered and succumb to the inevitable. I wasn't able to finish the day, I was dead tired. The reason I wrote on my leave form was, and I quote myself, "general feeling of fatigue and discomfort." I later realized it sounded like a symptom of a borderline mental case. My manager, bless her, approved my leave without further questions.

I was this close to a state-ordered psychotherapy treatment.

And before I turn myself completely bonkers, I try and steal as much time as I can for myself. It doesn't come by as easily nowadays.

So, please forgive me if postings here are few and far between.

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