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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Insurance hub for dentists

Last week, our house help told us that she needed to go home to Cagayan de Oro to have her tooth extracted. And since I was way over my deadline to see my dentist this year, I offered to take her to my dentist and she doesn't have to do heavy tasks the week after for her to recuperate. She gets to have her salary intact, and she doesn't have to pay for a boat fare. She agreed, at least last week. This week, you guessed that right--she changed her mind and insisted on going to Cagayan de Oro anyway. Aaaaah, house helps! You can only do so much for them, be extra nice and accommodating, and it's still not enough.

Anyway, my impending trip to my dentist reminds me of this one-stop insurance resource for practicing dentists, www.edic.com. Eastern Dentists Insurance Company or EDIC offers professional dentists, student dentists and aspiring dentists a huge array of insurance packages including insurance malpractice. I know that a lot can relate to me that the reason that we buy insurance is security; such that we can go live our life daily without doubts and worries of the future. EDIC, together with their affiliates, gives dentists that sense of security to practice their profession without that gray cloud of malpractice suit hovering over their heads.

Different insurance packages are available for different levels of profession. The company aptly calls the program EDIC Life Cycle. EDIC Life Cycle provides different packages for dentists in varying stages of their career:

  • Student / Resident
  • New Professional
  • Owner / Partner
  • Mature Practitioner
  • Retiring Dentist
If you're a student, a practicing professional, owning a clinic, or a retiring dentist, head over at EDIC. Their packages are worth a peek and consideration. They even have Estate Planning Education and Funding for Children as part of their packages, to name a few. This might just be the insurance for you.



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