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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hotel Casco Antiguo


Panama is one of the most culturally rich country in the world, if not the most intriguingly-beautiful with it’s Pre-Columbian Heritage. Panama’s native population dates as far back as 11,000 years.

Casco Antiguo is where Panama declared independence from Spain. The city was founded in 1673. A rocky peninsula on the Pacific side, the place was chosen because it’s brimming with potential to defend the country from both land and ocean attacks. Sometimes called Casco Viejo, San Felipe, Catedral or Casco Antiguo, the city saw the rise and fall of the Gold Rush, attempt of the French to build the Canal; and United States completing it.

Hotel Casco Antiguo is dubbed to be the area’s most spectacular and flourishing project. The Hotel has successfully retained the history and style of the historic Hotel Colon with modern accommodations and state of the art amenities with five-star services. At Hotel Casco Antiguo, you get to experience the richness of 17th century architecture with modern services and amenities.

The region is one of the fastest growing real estate in the world. If you’re interested to purchase a unit in the condo hotel, Register for an eBrochure Here.



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pareho tayo sis i got this opp c:
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