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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Worry has no use whatsoever

I know, I am guilty. Sometimes, the daily humdrum of life takes away the very essence of my blissful situation as a whole. Not that the very thing robs me of it. But I am guilty of allowing myself to get carried away by mundane, not-so-trivial, beyond-my-control things. Allow me to rant...

The whole of last week, the router was acting crazy. It sometimes allowed my husband's laptop to connect, but never mine. Most often, it just blocked both of us off. So I instead went downstairs to use the desktop as it was the only computer in the house with a decent internet connection. An hour after I settled in, Globe Broadband decided to perform its very infamous disappearing act with no reason at all. A quick ipconfig gives me an IP Address of Watda?!?!

I growled (which I do to release pent up emotions), and tried to relax my stressed muscles. I reclined in the couch, looked up the ceiling and there they are! Our ceiling was dripping in two places! I think our house is crumbling down. Literally. The house needs serious remodelling. Please, anybody from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition come see my desperate situation!

The wish of living in the province, tending to my farm full-time while blogging and scrapbooking on the side, has never been stronger. Aaah, I can only wish and dream. At least that made the situation less stressful.

Husband called some people to take care of the dripping right away; and talked to a friend of ours who can fix the router. I only had to wait.

Yes, a part of me got carried away, but mostly, the daydream took care of that. What did I learn? I learned what I have already learned long ago; that it's no use worrying something you cannot control. And while you're at it, worry just put more wrinkles on that face. So, I carried on. Read a book instead and played more with Xofia. Thanked the heavens for having a husband like mine. Guess what, I could never be any happier than where I am right now.


Kat August 5, 2008 at 7:10 AM  

I feel like I worry too much too. I too have a similar urge to live in the province and work from there, rather than stay here in the city. I guess everyone needs a break every now and then. Hope you feel better :)

Purpled Sky August 5, 2008 at 7:51 AM  

don't we all just long for that peace and quiet only the province can offer? thanks, kat, i feel so much better now. the trick is to not worry :-)


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