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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Siesta Saturday: Security blanket

Zen Ventures

Maricris of Zen Ventures came up with this brilliant idea of a Siesta Saturday. When I was little, I remember everytime my mother calls for siesta, I'd mentally map out my exit plan. For me, the afternoon is way too beautiful to spend sleeping. I'd rather frolic at the nearby woods or comb the beach or take a dip at the cool water. All the same, siesta is but a lazy afternoon spent relaxing, and I guess, being with nature is my way of relaxation.

Today's Siesta Saturday question is: What is your security blanket if you're feeling blue or lost?

An average person needs 12 hugs to survive the day.
I guess it's not much of a security blanket as an assurance of the blessings and love that surround me. I thrive on my family's hugs and kisses, and when I'm down and blue, I tend to ask for more of those hugs. I read somewhere that a person, in order to survive his/her day, needs 12 hugs. How much more does one need when one is stressed? A hug is never one-way; the hug-ger feels equally as good as the hug-gee -- that's the most amazing thing. Lucky me, the husband is a hug-ger, and now my daughter is a hug-ger-in-training, and an excellent trainee at that!

What about you, what is your security blanket? Click on the button and join us in Siesta Saturday!


Keith August 25, 2008 at 9:43 AM  

I do not know if I am bold enough to ask 12 people for hugs. I do know yearts back I waqs told four hugs a day could lower my blood pressure.

I was told when I feel crazy, I have to move back to my breath. move back to slowing my life one breath at a time. I learn then, that my life does not get crazy from some activity out there....

I am so happy to find the solution is not "out there" either

Purpled Sky August 25, 2008 at 9:59 AM  

hi keith! i think what they're trying to tell us here is to connect with people. the 12 hugs doesn't have to come from 12 people; most of the time, I only 2-3 sourced for my hug :-) i remember when i had my baby, i was instructed by professionals to stroke my baby, to always touch her because stroking helps the baby mature physically and emotionally.

and yes, the solution could be just within us :-)

iceah August 26, 2008 at 6:24 AM  

how sweet naman hugs too you c:


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