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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

dNeero on eating healthier and Visual Talking

I don't exercise. I'm a lazy, lazy girl. I used to jog, but since I felt like I'm getting heavier, my knees thought they can't sustain the stress anymore as well. Plus exercise just takes a lot of time; precious time a working mom would rather spend with her husband and daughter. As such, I see to it that we eat healthy at home. Or at least if I can help it. I prepare our food, I cook our meals. I use the healthiest and freshest produce available. But then there's the ocassional canned goods and processed meat especially on mornings when it's just physically and mentally impossible for me to function. But hey, if all healthy food comes as easily prepared, why not?

Here's another dNeero convo about Visual Talking. I've already said how much fun I had trying out VT's service it made me wonder if people will be more likely to send VTs than SMS.



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