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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pesto Chicken and Pine Nuts

I know I can substitute, but for this instance I'd like to be a "nut" snob.

I have only a tablespoon of pine nuts left. And I don't have the vaguest idea when my next pack will arrive. I'm not buying them locally, they are priced ridiculously high, I'm afraid I'd gag eating my pesto. Yes, I rely on a balikbayan box my sister is sending me. Until that box arrives, I'm keeping my tablespoon of pine nuts as security blanket -- which my husband wisely advised.

The little pine nuts I have is what's left of the latest batch of pesto sauce I whipped up. It's not summer here, but hey, this is one of the best things living in the tropics -- I can have basil anytime of the year.

And because this is my husband's favorite, and I only get to pamper him through my cooking, this is the first dish I made with the batch. It's simple and fast, and super delish; and you can do this half asleep. :P

Creamy Pesto Chicken Recipe

  • 2 chicken breast fillet, quartered and sliced
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
Prepare chicken slices thick or thin enough for a quick pan fry. Season with salt. Heat olive oil in a non-stick skillet. Fry chicken slices until brown on parts.
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, grated
  • 1/4 cup chicken stock
  • 1/4 cup creamer
  • 3 tbsp pesto sauce
  • pinch of salt
In the same pan, heat olive oil. Saute garlic. Once fragrant, pour in stock. Bring to a soft boil. Add creamer little by little, stirring as you do. Turn off heat; then add pesto sauce. Season with salt.

Place the pan-fried chicken slices onto the pan and turn the heat back on. Coat the chicken slices with sauce. Once the sauce starts boiling again, turn off heat.

I wish I had a pic to show but nah! I made this early in the morning half of my faculties are still asleep. Just imagine chicken slices browned on parts smothered with creamy pesto sauce. Heaven!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Soon, Girl?

I didn't expect for her to visit me again this soon.

Yes, I'm calling my migraine a "her" because for whatever it's worth, she has the temperament and a personality of a female.

She makes her presence known by gently throbbing at my head--which of course goes unnoticed (maybe I were a man, then?). Then she'd start her tantrum, this time not so gently, covering one part of my head, and if I'm not so lucky, the back, too.

Because I still deny that it was her again, I drink coffee. Now, unlike me, she loathes coffee.

I try to justify that maybe it was because I'm hungry from drinking too much coffee. "Stupid!" I can almost hear her.

So she gives me nausea and I start to vomit. But I can't, she won't let me. No matter how hard I try, no barf comes out. "Tease!" I shout back at her.

"That's what you get from ignoring me!" she said with finality.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Project: Renovate Porch

I think I should count me lucky. Even with the salary freeze, the company is giving us a little bonus -- something we didn't expect, which made us all the more happy. Guess they know how to counter the depressing effects of recession, huh!

Or maybe some higher being saw the situation I (yes, MY situation - my blog, mine!) am currently in. I need some serious house renovation, but is not willing to get the budget from the current household cashflow. I guess this is a sign that I really, really have to start doing it. Like, really.

I was thinking of starting with the porch. I've been wanting to build an awning to protect the area from heat and rain; but mainly to provide additional seating for the MahJong sessions we host for family and friends. Have I not mentioned before that MahJong is the family's official game? Which would make me an outsider for not learning it? (I'm on my way there, worry not... Or my daughter will save me from myself!)

Xofia learning the ropes early

If you're familiar with the MahJong game, the place must be well-lit. Maybe because I'm a woman, but when it comes to light fixtures, I am very particular. Lighting fixtures, for me, can very much make or break the room. Much thought must be invested on projects that involves home lighting. They have to be placed in the perfect location of the room where they can both serve functionally and aesthetically. Oh, I have such a picture in my mind where I can place a pair of charming, timeless sconce . And because tropical weather can be such a drain, I'd like to counter humidity with a casual ceiling fan.

Wait, how much was my budget again?

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random and Useless Things About Me

Reposting the list from my Facebook page. I'm new to Facebook and I'm taking everything in, little by little, baby steps so they say. So far, I've been having fun.

  1. I am crazy over Figaro's Coffee Jelly. I swear I can have it everyday.
  2. I love to cook dinner for my family. I'm lucky they don't mind eating late dinners.
  3. I dream of living in a self-sustaining farm with a house sitting atop an ocean cliff.
  4. I have sweaty palms...
  5. Which is the reason why I shouldn't be drinking coffee, but what am I to do with the daily grind without caffeine?
  6. I go into indescribable fits of happiness when I hear my Xofia says "Mommy" and is actually looking at me.
  7. We have 3 coffee presses. Goes to show how much coffee means to me.
  8. This mark right smack in the middle of my cheek is an indelible ink... kidding, it's a birthmark not many are blessed to have.
  9. I hated morning sickness. It's the reason why I wasn't able to totally enjoy my pregnancy. Some say it's part of pregnancy, and should also be enjoyed. Not!
  10. One of my closest friend told me she didn't expect we'd be this close after college. She said I was a snob, lanky social deviant back then. Well, not exactly her words, she was kinder. I told her that's what she got for judging over appearances.
  11. I think my childhood was the most colorful, fun and dangerous childhood. I climbed trees, skied hills with nary a slipper, swam rivers and seas without proper training, ate wild fruits, made my own fire to cook my own food -- all in the name of play.
  12. Everybody in my husband's side of the family adores durian. I can't stand the smell of it.
  13. I have very shallow tear ducts. I think because I have very short eyelashes, and dust gets into my eyes all the time that my eyes have to be regularly cleaned, nature has to provide me with a cleaning agent at a ready. Ha ha.
  14. I love to scrapbook by hand, the traditional way, but found no time for it lately.
  15. I am still not giving Xofia her MMR shot because, darn, the autism scare still scares me.
  16. Xofia is the best thing that ever happened to me, next to Bongkie, of course.
  17. I love a glass of orange juice with my morning cups of coffee.
  18. I used to make scented candles. I find making them equally soothing as lighting them. Then my allergy got worse because of all the fragrances, had to stop.
  19. I am still green with envy over Lelany's first edition of The Graveyard Book, and signed by no other than Mr. Sandman himself.
  20. I think Neil Gaiman is the coolest person to ever grace the literary world. I also think Edgar Allan Poe was cool but stupid for wasting all that talent over alcohol.
  21. I'd like to believe I'd be the Barefoot Contessa in my second life, minus the celebrity status and the TV show.
  22. I think cockroaches are the most despicable thing. I was told they're the only ones who can survive a nuclear attack. Still. Ick.
  23. I hate to see people leave even if it's just for awhile. Whenever I can, I avoid instances that I have to see them go. Again, see number 13.
  24. I don't do well with numbers; and thankful that cellphones now have built-in calculators.
  25. I grew up pampered by my Lola (grandma). Mother thinks this is why I act so bratty at times. I think we just happen to have different opinions and I happen to assert mine more strongly. :P
Useless, but I hope you had fun :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

If not a new kitchen, a Coach purse then?

I am frantic. I lost my keys.

I must have left it or dropped it when I was hurriedly preparing to attend an induction ceremony of a good friend of mine, Emi. (Emi who makes speeches so passionate and heartfelt jaded people like me gets inspired in an instant.)

I try not to think about it, but I get really stressed thinking where could I possibly left my keys. And by golly, when I'm stressed, my senses heightens and I start noticing little things around me that needs fixing.

I need a new set of cupboard. We need to move the sink to the right, and please, position the stove near the window. I need a windowsill, a place for my herbs to sit. A new countertop, a polished and repainted drawer doors -- Ok, I'm putting it simply, I need a new kitchen that offers a lot of shelf space. And while we're at it, give me a new workshop for my home improvement projects. I swear if I were a man, I'd be a carpenter!

And what does a girl do when she's stressed? Shop!

Letting my fingers do the shopping, I stumbled upon this great site that shows everything that's on sale on the net, not just from stores that paid for the placement.

In the meantime, while the I'm passing on the stress to the husband for wanting a new kitchen, I am content on momentarily soothing my stress away with shopping. Ah, retail therapy. Who said this never works?

Foot-In-Mouth Disease

By: Bongkie

Editor's note: This is a guest post from my better half. While he's accumulating issues to talk about in his planned (?) blog, I let him -- no, beg him -- to put his thoughts here in the meantime.

Secretary Eduardo Ermita is a good comedian. Why? Because he made me laugh till my gums hurt. And I don’t laugh that easily especially if the topic involved is government and most especially GMA. In fact, Ermita is such a funny guy that he was able to tell a joke about Obama. According to a news article, Secretary Ermita claimed that Obama could learn a lot from GMA in being President. Say that again? OBAMA CAN LEARN A LOT FROM GMA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (evil laugh)

How the hell did he arrive at that conclusion? Well, the answers are simple, really.

1. GMA became president when Obama was still in diapers at the Senate. Obama is just starting while GMA is already on her way out. And during the past few years that GMA was president, she has survived a couple of attempted coup d’ etats, people power rallies, petitions for impeachment and other creative ways to unseat her from office and yet she was able to hold on like a rodeo cowboy on a crazy jumping bull.

2. Both GMA and Obama assumed office during a time of crisis and Obama can learn how to stay in office even without solving the crisis just like GMA did.

3. Remember the Hello Garci controversy? Now, that’s a classic that Obama can really learn from a lot. The denial, the apology, and the acting chops that went with it were Oscar worthy. (NOT!!!)

Please feel free to add what other things Obama can learn from GMA. I know you’ll be able to think of something funny, although not as funny as Sec. Ermita’s joke.


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