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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The blessing of all blessings

I was talking to Xofi on the phone yesterday and when she told me she made wee-wee on Ate Myrna's bed. I asked why, and she answered "Because I was sleeping!" Really, who knows what you do when you're sleeping? And then she promised to not do it again and that she was sorry.

Everytime she does that, I can just so easily forgive and forget. Heck, make wee-wee again on anybody's bed, I won't hold a grudge :-)

When I said that I had to go, her "I love you, Mom" and telephone kisses are just the sweetest.

When we got home, she was already in bed but not yet sleeping. She's always eager to show-and-tell her day, I guess she was waiting for us to come home. When her dad told her he's tired from work, she just hugged him tight and said "I love you, Daddy..." It's the best de-stressing ever.

And when it's finally time to sleep, she'd cuddle and whisper, "I love you, Mom. Good night, see you in the morning." She's easily the sweetest.


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