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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Xofi and Classical Music and why I'm missing all those Wonderful Shows

Of course, I wanted Xofi to like THE ARTS, but, can I have my movietime back?

Xofia has gone to liking classical music like I've never seen her into something before. It all started with me burning a collection of classical masters which she'd listen to in wide-eyed wonder. This made me stop playing the music because, hey, my intention is for her to sleep through it, not stimulate her into forgetting to sleep. OK, I know, bad mommy!

One weekened afternoon, me and my husband decided to hit the bootleggers of ye 'ol downtown and check for new kids show collections. To our luck, we chanced upon Little Einsteins. Little Einsteins teach these little kids arts and music appreciation by integrating significant music and arts into the "adventure". This piqued her interest, so I started playing the classical masters at around 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. The music was like jutes. It enhances whatever mood she's in. When she's jumpy and all over, multiply that by 5. When she's sleepy and slow, she'd go to dreamland even before the first score is halfway.

The music has acquired different titles, too. Mostly they're called Little Einstein song, or Classical Baby song, or BumbleBee Song, or I Love Balloons Song, or just generally, Classical Music Song.

So, whenever I wanted her in bed right away, I wait until she'd slowed down from the day's activity and plug in the music. Off to la-la land she goes. And she brings me with her, and who am I to fight the power of classical music? Goodbye TV shows for me.

Then out from the caverns of her disc collection, she dug out the Classical Baby. The Classical Baby was an HBO feature, and there were only 2 episodes from that CD. (I'm not sure if there are more, but we definitely did not find more). I remembered putting it away but couldn't remember why. These days, there's nothing on our TV but Classical Baby and Little Einsteins.

One night, me and my husband were watching Blind Side (after eons of not watching home movies together), in the living room. Xofi just won't stop bugging and terrorizing us into giving in. She'd get her Little Einsteins CD and like a bee just won't stop buzzing "wanna watch Little Einstein, wanna watch?" again and again.

By the time there's peace, I'd be too exhausted to watch my own movies.


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