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Monday, January 28, 2008

For Xofia

Dear Xofia,

You have started eating solids now. The first time I gave you was rice porridge. The pure one with nothing on it. I had to sift and mash it though, to get rid of the hard part. I was afraid the hard ones will choke you. But you have to know that you never hesitated. Once you saw that pink spoon towards you, you instinctively opened your mouth, dove towards the spoon and gobbled everything up. After that first taste of solid food, you looked up and smiled at me. Imagine my delight! I was so giddy I had to wake your father up.

The intro to solids has become necessary when you won't have any of the milk formula I gave you. You see, I had to substitute as my milk supply started to wane. I was so worried you weren't getting enough but it was such a struggle giving you the formula. I didn't know what to expect but apparently, you took to solids quite appreciatively.

To date, you have tasted carrots, sweet potato, squash, banana and applesauce. You won't mind if they come fresh or bottled by Gerber. You're a hearty eater, that's what you are. We had to keep stock about a hundred of bottles because they ran out quite easily in the market.

People are starting to notice how well-behaved a baby you are. You seldom cry, and if you do, you never cried longer than necessary. You communicate well, though. You're good at giving out cues when you're hungry, sleepy, wet or soiled. It's amazing how you acquired the behavior in your first six months.

You're a brave little girl, Xofia. This Saturday, on our visit to Tita Doctor, you had to have another immunization shot in the thigh. I was expecting you'd cry out so I held your hands in mine and held you close. Yet, you surprise everybody in the room with just a tiny whimper before you continue you're usual giggling and squeling. I never knew any baby who never cries at a pinch of the needle. I was happy but alarmed at the same time. Maybe you just have high tolerance for pain and discomfort? I remember you never cry when you soil your nappy. All you ever give, if you ever do, is a little whimper, enough for us to understand that you might be uncomfortable.

We also notice you like watching TV. I had to remind Nanay to not let you passively watch Tagalog soap and noontime variety shows. I have lived 29 years in this life to know they're no good. So Daddy had to buy educational DVDs, and so far, I've let you watch Blues Clues every morning. At an instant, you're glued to Blue. Today, Daddy was kidding around and blocked your way. You actually leaned on one side so you can continue watching Blues Clues! Your concept of object permanence is clearly defined now. How fast can you grow!

If only you'd stay still when you sleep. I always place you in the middle of the bed. Far enough from the wooden headboard and far enough from the edges. One night, you woke us up because you kept on hitting your head in the headboard. I had to blurt out, "Now who told you to kick your way up and hit your head?"

Currently, we're employing the 50-50 method. 50% of the night, you're alone in your crib, and another 50%, you're with Mommy and Daddy in the big bed. This is because when you wake up in the middle of the night, you can never go back to sleep without anybody by your side. You had to face either one of us and squeeze our faces until you go to sleep. I think this is your way of ensuring that neither of us sleeps ahead of you? You also do that everytime you wake up, and your favorite part is the nose. Tell me, who sleeps with their noses being mashed by strong little fingers like yours? Actually, I think I am slowly acquiring the skill. But really, Anak, I think this is your way of telling us that you don't like sleeping alone, and you don't want Mommy or Daddy going anywhere while you're asleep. Anak, I'd like you to know that I will always be here for you, wherever and whenever you need me to. This is a promise I took upon myself the moment I conceived you. So, please, stay still, and let's all have a goodnight's sleep. OK, babe? :-)

I love you forever and beyond.



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