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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally, Xofia's eating!

Adik sa itlog. This was what her nanny described Xofia.

I noticed she eats the yellow part, but only when it's cooked soft. And because I don't want her feeding on eggs from laying mash-eating hens, I instructed the help to buy organic (bisaya) eggs from the wet market.

Yes, they're smaller and more expensive, but a very small price to pay if it's the only thing she eats. She doesn't eat hard-boiled eggs, so it has to be soft-boiled. Not too soft that it's almost raw, though. The whites should no longer be transparent but must remain soft. My husband did the cooking instructions, I did the feeding instructions. (Oh yes, we're spoiled! :P)

A tiny opening is made at the top of the soft-boiled egg, dashed with a little salt, and mixed with a toothpick: salt, white and yellow parts. It was then fed to Xofia, and what do you know, she gobbled it all up, and asked for more. They had to cook another one because Xofia won't stop crying for it. She can very well finish 4 eggs in one feeding.


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