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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Before 2011 started, I mentally listed down the things I want accomplished before the year ends. To wit:

1. Get pregnant, have a baby, hopefully a boy this time. Oh yes, this was planned.
2. Learn how to drive because if and when I get pregnant, I don't want to go through the unmentionable experience of riding a smelly cab when my hormones are all spiked and morning sickness was a bitch. I want to drive myself when the hubby is out of town or is unavailable. Also, so I can drive and fetch Xofi from school.
3. Major house remodel.

There are hordes of other things I want done and accomplished, but those above are the big ones. The smaller ones I can basically live without. So have I done those biggies? Hell yeah, except for the house remodel thing. Sadly, it was not because we weren't ready, but it was because we can't find a contractor decent enough who can deliver through. And by the time we thought we found one, No. 1 came and we have to have the house free from construction hassle. I had Xian last November 27, 11 in the morning. Coincidentally, it was also Xofi's school's family day. One we've been preparing and have every intention to go. We had to let Xofi go accompanied by her nanny and her Auntie Han because I cannot bear the thought of her missing another dance event (she already missed the UN celebration because we had to go home to Ormoc). The short but fulfilling labor and delivery of Xian Ellis is a different story altogether.

Driving is a bittersweet experience. I love the freedom it brings. I can now go to late night parties with girlfriends without having the husband wait up to fetch me. But the undisciplined drivers that our roads seem to harbor is beyond imagination. I would like to put it in perspective. I think these people are decent and respectable. I don't think they'd cut queues when they're falling in line personally. I think, however, that the politeness evaporates the moment their hands come in contact with a steering wheel. They think they own the road and they shouldn't be made to wait. That is the time that I would like to murder these self-entitled ones. 

All in all, it was a very fulfilling and blessed year. Despite the snags along the way, I can never complain. I have the most loving and supportive husband I wi ll never trade for Brad Pitt (for Johnny Depp, maybe, but only for a night). Xofia is a darling, acting like an Ate and never did violently exhibit her jealousy towards the baby.

Xian lets me sleep through the night as long as he can grab the boob anytime he wishes to (this does mean that I sleep with a boob hanging out, thank you very much!).

Needless to say, I am happy and contented and is exactly where I should be. Thank you, 2011. Now, it's time to take 2012 by the horn and see what surprises this new year brings. Happy new year, everyone! Cheers!


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