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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A good way to save money is to stay home

I very recently mapped out the family expenses against our fixed income. The result won't give us much for a fixed monthly savings. I guess it's time to forget about getting a new car, like seriously. Anyway, as long as the old one is still running, there's no real need. Help me convince my husband that our old Gallant is a real neat car ;)

Then there's the problem of personal insurance policies. I figure, as soon as we're done paying for the old insurance, which probably will take two more years, we can get the new one we're planning for my husband. So actually, our situation is not too bad, we're pretty much in good shape, financially.

However, we as a family never stays put when it's a good weather out there to be in the beach. After curling in our cocoons for long, we'd be screaming for a holiday or two. Hey, we need to reward ourselves once in a while... and we hate scrimping on our self-rewards! There lies the rub.

Or maybe we can just console ourselves with the fact that Philippines is a tropical country and almost everyday is beach day, so there's a lot to go around. And staying at home is not really that bad. Here's proof:


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