Where the raindrops as they're falling tell a story...

Why purpled sky?

I have been asked, quite a number of times, why purpled sky? For one, purple is definitely not my favorite color. Green is. So there's your explanation for the blog's color.

Then again, why purpled sky? There are a few free things I love in this world. And two of them are the color celadon green, and rain. A purpled sky tells you that a rain is on it's way. I love the rain and I love rainy seasons. Don't get me wrong, I love sunny, too, especially when I'm at the beach. But rain definitely won't stop me from enjoying the beach.

Have you noticed how the air changes when a rain is forthcoming? There's a certain smell that makes me feel nostalgic, enveloping me with childhood memories of singing and bathing in the rain. And when the first few droplets touch the earth, oh, piece of heaven!

Rain purges down the dust and soot in the city to the already clogged drainage. I know, not a good sight, but definitely not the rain's fault. And when it's done, a renewed earth emerges. Like she's been stripped clean from all pollutants. Rain is Earth taking a shower, a bathe and a refuge from all the nastiness.

So, I guess it's my love of the rain that gravitates me toward the purpled sky. The purpled sky definitely gives me hope for some rain.


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