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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cheap theater tickets

I am a self-confessed glee addict. Yes, the TV series. Can't get enough of it, really. And I got the whole household into glee, even my two-year old! Her all-time favorite glee song is "Alone." Now, she's gravitating towards Ep 9's Defying Gravity. Who can blame her?

Glee has awaken everyone's thirst for everything musical. The most recent one, was Wicked where Elphaba, the supposed wicked witch of the west, sang Defying Gravity with Glinda. That really made me wish I had St. Pete Times Forum Tickets and you know, just wait up there until Wicked gets shown.

For the little one, Sesame Street Live Tickets is perfect. Maybe when she gets to see Elmo and friends live, she'd know that Elmo is the monster, and Nemo is the fish, and ultimately stop calling Elmo Nemo already. I know, I should not force it. I should just let her enjoy in the meantime.

For the husband, I can't resist Staples Center Tickets where everything wonderful just happens. And oh yeah, I do have plans of flying from one theater to the other. Who said it's not doable?

Now, if only I'd get my hands on those acheapseat.com tickets. There's just too many to choose from. I now know the meaning of the word "overwhelming."



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