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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mommies can be princesses, too!

And so it was a movie date night with hubby and I was so into being a girly girl that I pulled out this frilly, flowing, green skirt I was only able to wear once going to Bora. I paired it with a sexy red top, with yeah, frills around the neckline--what's a girly top without frills?!. You get the picture? Frilly, flowing, long skirt paired with sleeveless, frilly, red top.

I went to the living room, and there was Xofi, wide-eyed and amazed, blurted, "PRINCESS MOMMY!!!"

I know, it's either she never gets to see Mommy in a skirt ever, or media has started corrupting my 2-year old daughter's mind. I am more inclined to believe the latter.

She won't let me sit down because Princesses don't sit down, they walk and dance around holding one end of the flowing skirt with a flick of a finger. It was an hour before showtime, so I had ample time to be walking around the house with Xofia in tow while sometimes doing the can-can with my skirt. I was exhausted by the time her daddy started the car, a signal for us to go.

When I bade goodbye, she kissed me and said, "Goodbye, Princess Mommy! See you later!"

I was half-expecting she'd tell me if I'm gonna spend the night in the castle (Waterfront Hotel). You never know what ideas two-year olds come up with these days.



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