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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kangaroos and marinara sauce

(written on 8/03/09, dusting off unfinished blog entries, and found this)

It boggles me, how Xofi still gets to dance and play around with a 40C temperature. It is also a testament on how different we are. Here I am with only a slight headache, plopped down in bed and must not be disturbed.

When I saw her hopping on her knees, I was afraid she'd hit the hard floor and seriously hurt herself. I asked what she's doing, and she knowingly replied "It's a kangaroo, it's a kangaroo!" with one eyebrow raised as if to say how dumb mommy can be.

Because it seems like I can never have as much enthusiasm as Xofi has, I retreated to the kitchen and cooked. I slaved off over marinara sauce and shrimps to make pasta sauce for tonight's dinner. Somehow, the kitchen provides an ever-elusive release. Or I'm just weird like that. Once satisfied, I whipped up 2 glasses of apple-mango milk shake and surfed youtube. Yes, I sinfully rewarded myself.

Oh, this was after I downed 2 Advils. I simply cannot function even with just the littlest of discomfort.

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