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Saturday, November 21, 2009

My version of white picket fence

Once upon a time when I was little, I too dreamt of a beautiful country-style house with white picket fences all around and a quaint ecco mailbox by the gate.

Then I grew up, become an adult and realized that the dream house is expensive. And adults have more difficult tasks of decision-making and budgetary woes to be concerned about white picket fences. It was just not possible.

In our current place, I maintain a pocket garden. One time, I decided to demolish the pocket garden away to give more room to the garage area. I took pity, or my husband rather took pity on the garden, so we kept it. I am on the process of planting greens in it and quite possibly, an herb patch. After which, I plan to surround the garden with wooden fence painted in white. Thusly, my little white picket fence. And to finish the touch, I'll have a quaint ecco e7 mailbox installed at the front. My dream place is slowly realized, only in a different scale, but dream realized all the same.

I just learned that there are beautiful residential ecco mailboxes I can choose from the comfort of my home. I am getting closer to my dream, indeed! :-)



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