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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The power of positive attitude

I blogged awhile back that I thought our househelp (H4), now Xofia's yaya, weird. We later realized that she's just naturally a happy person.

This Friday, our other househelp (H5) was undergoing some difficult marital problems. She must have been so stressed with it that it manifested on her health. I gave her mutivitamins to take care of the nausea. And to further the care I extend to the members of my household, my mother-in-law and I offered more advice on the marital problem. Something to do with taking care of ourselves first and everything else will follow. Yet, tried as we might, we were never able to make her at least smile.

Then here's H4. "Ayaw'g guol-guol te, kay samot ta ana masakit. Dapat pirmi tang happy." she told her with the sweetest smile. Then she added, "OK lang yan, te. Ang importante ay mahalaga." Ladies and gentlemen, she has a sense of humor! Needless to say, that sent the heartbroken H5 laughing.

And I think this will not be the last opportunity for H4 to unknowingly dispense her wisdom amidst innocence; and certainly, there will be more jokes forthcoming. :-)



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