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Friday, July 18, 2008

Hard times

...are here to stay.

I just finished balancing the books and allotting cash to bills that are soon due. After all the computations, without considering those that are still in the bank that are yet to be encashed (which is not much, btw), my household is left with a meager P3,300.00 cash. Now, tell me, how am I going to tide that over the next payday? Ah, the wife is left about to split her head open with migraines from budgetary causes. While the husband drowns my worry playing DOTA, I retreat to my blog and resolve to list down things that we could do to lessen the expenses.

Water use
Can't do much on that area. The husband, being part of the developer company of the subdivision we're staying, enjoys the "privilege". Not that we're such waste because I think I'm the most prudent user when it comes to water. I cannot imagine anybody in the household using water unnecessarily go their merry way without me nagging them into submission. I am a conscious consumer, and I enforce the same practice throughout the household.

Power consumption
It's not that we're such big users of energy, it's VECO charging whatever on us. I couldn't even begin to allow myself read the bill let alone understand why they're charging me for System Loss. WHAT?!?!?! I can only complain, and not expect anything from it. Because really, where am I to go? I'd rather focus on cutting the kilowatt hour/day usage of the household. But how do I do that with a daughter that cannot stand the humidity of this country even for a minute?

We cannot turn off the airconditioning at night. Xofia will be all over complaining. Actually, with her around, we have the AC on, plus that cute electric fan. We are considering on installing a ceiling fan which might help with spreading cool air in the room. We'd have cooler air even if we have the AC at low.

Trade my no-frost refrigerator with an ordinary one that uses lesser energy. That's a no-brainer. That being said, who's willing to buy my no-frost ref? Any takers?

Change all incandescent to energy-saving lamps. We cut costs, plus we'd be doing Mother Earth a huge favor. Now, we're down to 3 bedroom flourescent lamps that need changing. Guess I'd have to forgo aesthetics for more practical reasons. Sigh.

Eating out
Definitely limit this to once a week. The husband and I have lunch together once a week on a weekday. I think we're on our way there. Most days, and if I'm feeling like super wifey, I cook early in the morning for our packed lunches.

I actually think that this one's more energy-efficient than staying home especially on extra humid days. The mall offers free airconditioning, and a chance for my baby girl to socialize. If only gas prices stay low.

Forget Kia Carens. Forget Mazda super-cool manual/automatic gearstick. Buy a motorbike. Pros -- motorbikes are more fuel-efficient, and can get through traffic jam no Carens or sedan can. Cons -- accident prone, free dust and soot to bask in, limited riders. I have one condition before getting on that frail motorbike: life insurance for us both.

With the taxi fare starting at P40, cab drive is, I think, out of the question.

Jeepney is out of the question as well. It will be a lot less efficient for us to use the jeepney because of our location. Travel time will triple, and hey, I'm a working mom, I need all the free time I can afford to bond with my baby. 'Nuff said.

This gets me into thinking really hard. Just when did living become this costly? this difficult? Is living in this country still viable? Is this the worst of it all, or are there more forthcoming?

How can we ever get out of it? A friend answered: by migrating. Now, that's a thought.


faeryrowan July 20, 2008 at 9:15 PM  

Faet jud. I guess I'm just lucky to be spared by these burdens (specifically electricity and water) 8 months in a year for living with the parents (who's not asking a penny from me) while Sor is abroad working. I can't imagine how it'd be like when we get our own house and pay for our own bills. Have to triple my savings not only for the future but for the rainy days as well...hahay. Adto na ta Canada or New Zealand nah!

Purpled Sky July 21, 2008 at 9:14 AM  

bitaw ati oi! tana nah! seriously. :-)


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