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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Organizing the storeroom

The first time I laid eyes on that very small maid's room in our unit, I immediately told myself that I can never allow somebody to sleep there. Aside from it being situated right next to the downstairs bathroom, it only has one 2'x3' window allowing an eyeful to the laundry area. I did not exactly measured the place, but a bed can barely fit in giving the would-be occupant about 1½ feet clearance to do his/her thing. Ah-huh, worse than the prison's 4x6 cell. Drab, drab life.

So it goes that the househelp and the nanny are now sharing an upstairs room. A room as big (or as small) as our guest room. They have a double-deck bed which maximizes the space, and they have the whole regular-sized window unit all for themselves. And the junk that the household came to accumulate through time claimed their un-rightful place in that small maid's quarter.

It was OK at first but it got to a point where I can no longer find the things I wanted amidst piles and piles of junk. The turning point was when getting in there completely ruined my day. I swore then that something has to be done and turn the room into a proper stockroom with open shelvings and wire racks. So, that's what I've been doing the whole weekend. And on spare time that I get to be online, Globe Broadband gets on its usual hiccups and choked. So if I weren't bloghopping much during the weekends, always, always blame it on my internet provider. They simply suck :-P

Here's my maid's quarter cum storeroom:

No, I did not do the drilling and the carpentry, I had someone do it. I merely told them what to do, physically demonstrated what I want to happen (err that doesn't sound right), and even used my preschool drawing skills.

Here's the wire rack for hanging things that need hanging. Pretty useful!

And no, my storeroom is not classy, not even finished in a fashionable paint that blends with the rest of the room, so not Martha Stewart quality. But you bet I saved loads of counter and cupboard space with all these kitchen appliances here. See, I even have room for an extra folding bed and a sack of rice. Me love organizing. :-)



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