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Monday, May 12, 2008

Missing a mentor and friend

These are the times that I get to miss him the most. Nope, not talking about some guy who I'd arbitrarily pined for in the past. For whatever it's worth, I never miss those guys, thank Heavens! I'm talking about the person I look up to when it comes to leadership. The only one I've come accross so far who never preached about him being the servant of his people, because he simply did his job, lead and was there when needed, provided support even unasked. Carried our voices when ours were too tiny the higher ups can barely hear. And this is talking figuratively and literally. His is a voice that commands attention.

My short 9-month stint with X did not end with pure regrets. It was there that I met him. It was there that I was introduced to this person, who at first, I thought to be intimidating. No, he didn't talk much during our training, but when he did, everybody listened. Maybe it's delivery, maybe it's image. But I sensed authority there. Authority which I later found comfortable with irregardless.

Then I got to working closely with the man. I was the tech writer of the team which was composed of a graphic artist and a copywriter. His leadership did not end with that small team. We're all part of the bigger Sales and Marketing team, the rest of the team member looked up to him as somebody they can depend on. He exudes that kind of image. But of course, he wouldn't be anywhere near where he was if he didn't know what he's doing.

He genuinely cared for his people. On issues that us and the higher ups won't be agreeing, he'd fight tooth and nail with us. And even though we won't win the battle in the end, the most important thing is that he stood by us. He made us feel secured. He made us feel we mattered.

When it comes to mastery of the craft, you can't help but admire the man. He guided and mentor with such mastery that made you wish you'd known him earlier. He's quick to praises where they're due and delivered criticisms constructively. Corporate politics has no room in his leadership style.

Most of all, he has become a treasured friend. Maybe it was the situation that we were in that provided the opportunity for deep friendship to blossom. Maybe because unlike the rest of the managers, he listened and actually did something about it. Maybe because we felt secured knowing he's with us all throughout. Maybe because it was so easy talking to him about things that really mattered. Maybe because he was the best mentor I've had about life choices and their consequences. Or maybe it's because of all that.

I've grown super fond with the man that when he told me he's resigning, tried as I might, I wasn't able to hold back the tears. Apprehension and loss. I grieved! It's probably how birds feel when their wings are cut off from them. OK, so I cried in front of him making him all uncomfortable with his manly PMA background (so uncool of me to do). I thought he'd up and run not wanting to see the tears streaming down but he held his ground. He stayed and comforted me until I was able to collect myself. That was big of him to do, and I thanked him for that.

No longer feeling the loyalty he fostered, and knowing that the company was never loyal to my needs to begin with, I left soon thereafter. But the impression he made on my life, on my career stayed with me. So much such that we asked him to be one of our principal sponsors on our wedding. And now, here's hoping that along the long and winded road of my career, I'd be blessed enough to meet a leader like him.

Here's to my most treasured mentor and friend, leader and ally, Ninong Nimrod. It was an honor meeting and really getting to know you, Boss Nimrod. You remain an inspiration. Carry on! :-)


faeryrowan May 14, 2008 at 12:40 PM  

...and may bosses of all levels be like you! *wink*wink*

Purpled Sky May 14, 2008 at 12:52 PM  

anah anah! hehehe


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