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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thinking of going back to school

Most of the best times I've experienced in this life I experienced while in school. High school was great and fun and college was so much more. By and by I’d reminisce and wish I was still in school today. Well of course, I should also be younger :P

It was amazing, how, my whole life, I've never been to a private school. My parents sure saved up on me. I went to a state college in high school, pretty much no tuition fee and another state university in college with just a bit of a tuition fee. School fees were never a problem for me. The government pretty much had that covered.

Remembering how I came to choose my major, the decision-making process I had to go through – made me realize I pretty much did not put as much thought on it as I should have. I chose my major because it was fun, period. In hindsight, I should’ve gotten an engineering degree. Oh believe me, I could’ve made so much more with it :P :P (Wait, they have lots of Math subjects). OK, maybe went into the Culinary Arts. Hah!

In any case, and if I’m really serious about going back to school, nothing can stop me. No sir, not even the crisis. I just have to be aware of the available Student Loans that offer the best deals.

And then there’s another hurdle. I’m a mother and a wife, I can’t afford to be away that much. Plus I need to earn while doing all these lest I’d be hurting the family income. More diggings, and what do you know, reputable Online Education abound. Even if an online degree won’t get me anywhere in my current career, it’ll prove to be useful in some areas. I love accumulating skills and improving what I know. It’s a never ending process. I just have to carefully select from the list of Accredited Online College Degrees and I’m off my way. My merry, merry way.

Now, how did Xofi do in her potty training again?



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