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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Potty training miserably failed at week 1

Last week Monday, we started potty training. It was a morning filled with howls and screams and clinging on to Mommy. The whole day, Xofia didn't poop. I wondered if it was the introduction of the potty chair that made her not want to poop.

Now, Xofia, when constipating is not a site you'd want to see. She'd double over, recoil while crying "mommy, daddy, boo-booooo!" I know her, she doesn't cry for just any ordinary boo-boo. For her to cry like that, sweating and flushing, it's got to be really painful. So what's a mother to do? Insert glycerin suppository, ASAP.

That basically made up our first day of potty training. I had to literally force the poop out of her. Sigh.

I am now feeling utterly incompetent at being a mother. And now there's a fact that I had to go work, that I had to be away, that I won't be there to supervise the whole potty training thing. Companies should give mothers Potty-Training leave! I think it's equally as important.

One week after, there was really no progress. Thanks to my absence and my baby-sitter's i-don't-care-less attitude, the week has gone to waste.

I just have to remember that potty training is way way easier than sex education. Yes, worse things are yet to come.


Anonymous August 3, 2009 at 2:52 PM  

it took me one year before i succeeded at potty training, so if you feel incompetent over an unsuccessful day 1, unsa na lang kaha ako na-feel. hahahaha. you're right, tempting jud kaayo mo-absent na lang from work and keep an eye on the kid and the chair. but i guess it's best to just wait til they really show signs that they're ready to be trained. kita ra ang ma-pressure otherwise.

Purpled Sky August 3, 2009 at 4:54 PM  

oh, 1 year!
I don't know if I'd be happy to know that there still so much time, or be sad nga taas pa kaayo ang pag-antos. hehe!
but ohmy, we hit a milestone (i'd like to think of it as such hahaha) today. she actually finished pooping in the chair... which she started in her nappy. but i was ecstatic all the same. hehehehe


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