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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No. 2 finished in the chair

One week after we started potty training, Xofi pooped in her chair! Yay! But not quite ;) she actually started in her nappy, then she shouted "poo-poop!" Her nanny then hurriedly ushered her to the chair, and she completed the "job" there. Good enough for me, really. I'd like to see it as a mini-milestone. There is such a thing, right?

Then today nothing happened. She sits at the chair and that's about it. On some days, she won't even sit! I had to bribe her with a sticker just so she'd sit. Oh yes, my sticker supply is fast dwindling down.

Xofi is not one that's hard to learn stuff, actually. She pretty much knows our nighttime routine and that when the small hand of the clock points to 9, off to bed she goes. Before we had this established, there was a lot of screaming and crying because she still wants to play with Mommy. Now when I say "na-nyte time," she kisses everybody goodnight and goes upstairs without fuss.

At 1 year and 6 months, she was already counting up to ten, and learning to read her alphabets and numbers. To date, she has mastered all letters, big and small, aced her shapes and even know a hexagon from an octagon. She knows her colors well but sometimes gets confused between yellow and green (Well, I still get confused between green and blue myself!). She also talks in a fairly understandable toddler-talk, memorized her favorite rhymes and some Pussycat Dolls favorites. At about 15 months, she uttered her first sentence: Catch the ball!

C'mon, I carried her for 9-mostly-ugly months, labored for 24 hours, I am entitled to these bragging rights :P

I just wished she'd learn potty training as fast as she did her alphabets and stuff.

But the main concern really is the nappy cost. My goodness, the price of those pull-ups!! I can't wait for the day when she no longer needs them. Booo overpriced nappies!


Maricris Zen Mama August 11, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

It takes some times but she'll get it. Watch out for the little accidents here and there. It's bound to happen :)


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