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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Need help in Math?

I didn't know why I took up Psychology in college. All I remember thinking was I wanted to do something fun, and Psychology looks like an interesting subject to immerse yourself with for four years. I did not remember taking into consideration how I hated (and still do) math. But looking at it in hindsight, I'm pretty sure math had so much to do with that decision.

Oh yes, I memorized the multiplication table. Memorizing was easy. Then the teacher told us to not just memorize them, but also to understand how the numbers work. I mean, really?! I know numbers may fascinate some, but their mere presence on a sheet of paper or on screen makes me cringe. I am beyond thankful that cellphones right now have built-in calculators.

Then I get to tutor 2 grade 6 students. I had to re-learn what I already purged into oblivion. Online math help was a big help to reacquainting myself with numbers.

If you're in K12, or planning to go back to school, or just plainly need help in college math, go see what Math help has in store for you. Their offers are very affordable, and they also have Free math help for those who want to try the service first.

TutorVista.com, the company behind Online math help, promises an unlimited tutoring which is available to students 24x7, anytime and whenever they need it.

If you're in the crossroads of a possible life-altering decision, don't let math stop you from getting what you want. I know I shouldn't have.



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