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Saturday, November 22, 2008

If you're into hydraulic presses

I've an uncle who's a mechanical engineer who sometimes ask me to research stuff in the internet. You'd wonder how a girl like me would know something about hydraulics, bolts, piping, and all that stuff. I don't mind doing the favor, really. It gives me a reason to learn something I didn't know. Not that I care about them, but it's good to know stuff sometimes. Especially if these stuff doesn't come up in girl talks :-)

One very recent research job I did for him, I stumbled upon information about cool ways on making things out of metal. One way of doing this is called Hot Stamping. The principle is to heat the blank sheet at a press table very rapidly at high density to prepare it for subsequent hot forming processes.

AP&T is one of those companies that provide the metal forming industries with state of the art automation, presses and tooling; and has applied the most recent researches on the technology to their products. Their hydraulic press rebuild meets the demands for stamping, forming and deep drawing of today's high tech metals. If you're one of those guys who are into press robots and deep draw tooling and the likes, check out their site. I'll be sure to send my uncle right over there so he can explore AP&T more.



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