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Monday, October 10, 2011

Personalized items for the season

My internet life has somehow came to a standstill along the way, except for tweeting and an occasional facebook pages-hopping/stalking. Work and the offline life are two major factors. Sometimes largely laziness.

Lately though, I've started online shopping like I've never done before. I've done transactions over the internet, and to my surprise, I found it to be very convenient and suits my current situation. The sellers respond to you in no time and you don't even have to lift your butt from your seat, just have to have those fingers working. Sometimes, I'd do the initial talks over the net before meeting the sellers personally to get the stuff. Also works fine with me.

The holiday season is nearly upon us. It baffles me all the time how the -ber months come and go, it's like there's only 15 days in a month! Oh yeah, that reminds me that I am about to give birth as well. Yay, for -ber months!

So anyway, as what one is wont to do before the holidays: get ready with the gift ideas. I was hopping the online stores to check for exceptional offers and happen by a GoPromos review and I just have to go and take a look at the site. The site offers a variety of customizable promotional items. Being a sucker for anything personalized, my mind is working in double time what I wanted done. So hey, instead of the traditional Christmas card, why not a customized digital magnet calendar sent to all our friends and families? I can even use their studio tools to create my own design! OK, getting giddy like a child here.

Since the holiday season is also a time for companies to scour for promotional items for giveaways to clients, these advertising keychains might just be the perfect giveaway that my husband's company need. We use keys everyday, and isn't keychains the best medium to get your company byline across the majority of the populace at a reasonable price? I should know, I get reminded everyday to be environmentally-conscious from my "wisdom-and-respect" keychain.


Maricris Zen Mama October 11, 2011 at 9:33 AM  

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