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Friday, October 14, 2011

The little girl is now a big sister

Our little girl turned 4 last August July. My, oh my, how time flies! While she's enjoying her milestones and looking forward to being an Ate (older sister), I am bursting at the hems and look like about to pop. Though I still have another 8 weeks before my due date, I can't help thinking how big I've gotten. I don't wanna be giving birth to a 9-pounder, oh, help me God!

Our little Ate, though, seems to enjoy my pregnancy. The little brother has been receiving lots of love from her even if he's still inside me. Hugs and kisses and stroking abound whenever she has the chance. She'd also act like a big sister by telling the little brother to stop kicking Mommy's tummy whenever I complained of such discomfort. Too cute, it's too much :)

While my tummy is growing by the day, she also likes to pretend hers is growing as well. She'd announce that while little brother is inside Mommy, little sister is also inside hers. I think I may have gotten away from her wondering why her tummy's not growing by telling her that baby sister isn't coming until she's older like Mommy old.

And because she's an Ate already, she insists on carrying her heavy school bag, walk up-down the stairs by herself, brush her teeth -- because "ates don't need help".

All Mommy and Daddy want, little Ate, is for you to enjoy your childhood and don't hurry to adulthood just yet. Not much up here.



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