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Monday, February 9, 2009

Project: Renovate Porch

I think I should count me lucky. Even with the salary freeze, the company is giving us a little bonus -- something we didn't expect, which made us all the more happy. Guess they know how to counter the depressing effects of recession, huh!

Or maybe some higher being saw the situation I (yes, MY situation - my blog, mine!) am currently in. I need some serious house renovation, but is not willing to get the budget from the current household cashflow. I guess this is a sign that I really, really have to start doing it. Like, really.

I was thinking of starting with the porch. I've been wanting to build an awning to protect the area from heat and rain; but mainly to provide additional seating for the MahJong sessions we host for family and friends. Have I not mentioned before that MahJong is the family's official game? Which would make me an outsider for not learning it? (I'm on my way there, worry not... Or my daughter will save me from myself!)

Xofia learning the ropes early

If you're familiar with the MahJong game, the place must be well-lit. Maybe because I'm a woman, but when it comes to light fixtures, I am very particular. Lighting fixtures, for me, can very much make or break the room. Much thought must be invested on projects that involves home lighting. They have to be placed in the perfect location of the room where they can both serve functionally and aesthetically. Oh, I have such a picture in my mind where I can place a pair of charming, timeless sconce . And because tropical weather can be such a drain, I'd like to counter humidity with a casual ceiling fan.

Wait, how much was my budget again?


Ligaya February 9, 2009 at 8:33 PM  

haha ang sa amo pod family kay scrabble :-)


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