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Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random and Useless Things About Me

Reposting the list from my Facebook page. I'm new to Facebook and I'm taking everything in, little by little, baby steps so they say. So far, I've been having fun.

  1. I am crazy over Figaro's Coffee Jelly. I swear I can have it everyday.
  2. I love to cook dinner for my family. I'm lucky they don't mind eating late dinners.
  3. I dream of living in a self-sustaining farm with a house sitting atop an ocean cliff.
  4. I have sweaty palms...
  5. Which is the reason why I shouldn't be drinking coffee, but what am I to do with the daily grind without caffeine?
  6. I go into indescribable fits of happiness when I hear my Xofia says "Mommy" and is actually looking at me.
  7. We have 3 coffee presses. Goes to show how much coffee means to me.
  8. This mark right smack in the middle of my cheek is an indelible ink... kidding, it's a birthmark not many are blessed to have.
  9. I hated morning sickness. It's the reason why I wasn't able to totally enjoy my pregnancy. Some say it's part of pregnancy, and should also be enjoyed. Not!
  10. One of my closest friend told me she didn't expect we'd be this close after college. She said I was a snob, lanky social deviant back then. Well, not exactly her words, she was kinder. I told her that's what she got for judging over appearances.
  11. I think my childhood was the most colorful, fun and dangerous childhood. I climbed trees, skied hills with nary a slipper, swam rivers and seas without proper training, ate wild fruits, made my own fire to cook my own food -- all in the name of play.
  12. Everybody in my husband's side of the family adores durian. I can't stand the smell of it.
  13. I have very shallow tear ducts. I think because I have very short eyelashes, and dust gets into my eyes all the time that my eyes have to be regularly cleaned, nature has to provide me with a cleaning agent at a ready. Ha ha.
  14. I love to scrapbook by hand, the traditional way, but found no time for it lately.
  15. I am still not giving Xofia her MMR shot because, darn, the autism scare still scares me.
  16. Xofia is the best thing that ever happened to me, next to Bongkie, of course.
  17. I love a glass of orange juice with my morning cups of coffee.
  18. I used to make scented candles. I find making them equally soothing as lighting them. Then my allergy got worse because of all the fragrances, had to stop.
  19. I am still green with envy over Lelany's first edition of The Graveyard Book, and signed by no other than Mr. Sandman himself.
  20. I think Neil Gaiman is the coolest person to ever grace the literary world. I also think Edgar Allan Poe was cool but stupid for wasting all that talent over alcohol.
  21. I'd like to believe I'd be the Barefoot Contessa in my second life, minus the celebrity status and the TV show.
  22. I think cockroaches are the most despicable thing. I was told they're the only ones who can survive a nuclear attack. Still. Ick.
  23. I hate to see people leave even if it's just for awhile. Whenever I can, I avoid instances that I have to see them go. Again, see number 13.
  24. I don't do well with numbers; and thankful that cellphones now have built-in calculators.
  25. I grew up pampered by my Lola (grandma). Mother thinks this is why I act so bratty at times. I think we just happen to have different opinions and I happen to assert mine more strongly. :P
Useless, but I hope you had fun :-)


shimumsy February 4, 2009 at 12:27 PM  

of the 22 things about you, what caught my attention is the durian. i miss this fruit (sorry!).

Jena Isle February 7, 2009 at 1:56 AM  

You dream of "living in a self-sustaining farm atop an ocean cliff", reminds me of my own -living away from civilization on top of a hill or mountain..lol...

God bless and happy mylotting.

Purpled Sky February 9, 2009 at 1:38 PM  

@shimumsy-- you're one of 'em durian lovers, huh? I wonder what you guys smell in the fruit hehehe!

@Jena-- ahh, wouldn't that be such a bliss? I'd still be blogging on the side, though, and I bet you would, too :-)


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