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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Foot-In-Mouth Disease

By: Bongkie

Editor's note: This is a guest post from my better half. While he's accumulating issues to talk about in his planned (?) blog, I let him -- no, beg him -- to put his thoughts here in the meantime.

Secretary Eduardo Ermita is a good comedian. Why? Because he made me laugh till my gums hurt. And I don’t laugh that easily especially if the topic involved is government and most especially GMA. In fact, Ermita is such a funny guy that he was able to tell a joke about Obama. According to a news article, Secretary Ermita claimed that Obama could learn a lot from GMA in being President. Say that again? OBAMA CAN LEARN A LOT FROM GMA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (evil laugh)

How the hell did he arrive at that conclusion? Well, the answers are simple, really.

1. GMA became president when Obama was still in diapers at the Senate. Obama is just starting while GMA is already on her way out. And during the past few years that GMA was president, she has survived a couple of attempted coup d’ etats, people power rallies, petitions for impeachment and other creative ways to unseat her from office and yet she was able to hold on like a rodeo cowboy on a crazy jumping bull.

2. Both GMA and Obama assumed office during a time of crisis and Obama can learn how to stay in office even without solving the crisis just like GMA did.

3. Remember the Hello Garci controversy? Now, that’s a classic that Obama can really learn from a lot. The denial, the apology, and the acting chops that went with it were Oscar worthy. (NOT!!!)

Please feel free to add what other things Obama can learn from GMA. I know you’ll be able to think of something funny, although not as funny as Sec. Ermita’s joke.


Jena Isle February 1, 2009 at 1:05 PM  

he he he, those are interesting observations, funny and yes, come to think of it, they maybe valid?!!!lol
Happy blog hopping. Dropping by.


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