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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Xofia (is still sick) update

I am such a bad mommy; all the while I thought my little peanut is still 8 months old. She's actually 9 months already and well on her way to her 10th month on May. What was I thinking? Time does fly fast when there's this little cookie keeping you up and busy. So unlike the loooong, painfully bloated 9 months of pregnancy.

These past days haven't been good to us. Especially to the little one. She got the fever on Wednesday night, which dismissed thinking it's just the way babies are, their body temp are always higher than ours. So I ignored my instincts and went ahead to prepare for our badminton game. When we got back, she was still feverish. I noticed a tiny cough every now and then. Panic button is now flashing. I can't find the paracetamol. Because really, Xofie is one baby who's never had fever before, this tells me that if she gets one, it must be something super serious. Needless to say, we almost hadn't had any sleep that night. And it doesn't help that his daddy has to be out of town the next day for the weekend.

We saw her doctor on Friday. She was given a mucolytic and an examination of her throat reveals slightly reddish tonsils, so it must be viral -- and here I was hoping it was just the upper incisors cutting through her gums. If it were my way, I’d choose the latter.

The cough developed into something more serious. successive and leaving her catching her breath. She'd cry every time she coughs and you could see the pain in her face. One time she was coughing and she turned bright red gasping for breath. I can't just stay holding and cuddling her, I had to do something. There must be something I can do to ease my baby's discomfort other than crying my eyes out.

Her doctor advised I nebulize her. With tears still clouding my vision, I ran and went to the nearest pharmacy to purchase a nebulizer. Emotional as I was, I still found time to swear that a machine this expensive should do something for my baby or only God knows what I’m gonna do. (Yeah, mommies do this!) These companies sure know how to milk desperate moms like me. Good thing it only takes one try for Xofie to actually like the thing. I can see she now looks forward to our nebulizing sessions, which I fondly call sheesha time.

Still, the saline solution that we use to nebulize her only makes the phlegm easier for her to expel and swallow (yes, babies swallow them because it's the only way they know how) and not really stop it. I notice a certain off smell from her mouth. The visit to her doctor on Monday reveals pus on her tonsils. Time for antibiotics, and because she now has colds, Neozep drops before bedtime.

She's getting better every single day at least, and sleeps through most of the nights, enough for me to not worry about how much drugs she's ingesting. On the other hand, I think my daughter will grow up into a sheesha-loving chick.



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