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Friday, April 11, 2008


(or Xofia-talk meaning Mommy, wake up now or else!)

Xofia usually wakes up at 5:30 am. Nanay (the Nanny) doesn't get her from the bed up until 6:30, and I don't get up (even if I’m half awake most of the time) until when it's 6:30 and I have to go look for Nanay to come get her. And then I go back to sleep.

It usually works fine for the first 10 minutes. She’d lie on her back, fiddle with her blinky, suck on it, and talk ta-ta-taaaa-ta or ma-ma-maaa-prrrrrrffft! I’d open one eye and if she'd seen me doing that, she'd let out a dimpled smile. I’d smile back, but really, 530 in the morning? The eye just involuntarily shuts down. I’d think she'd scream anyway, and I’m a light sleeper. Wouldn’t be much of a problem to attend to some emergency if need be. (Mothers instinctively develop this skill throughout months of sleepless nights.)

Today, she was "thankfully" preoccupied until 630. I sneaked a peek from awhile back, and she seemed to be enjoying whatever she's doing. This time, she's already on her stomach. I went back to sleep. The next thing I know, wet, clammy and super cold little tentacles exploring the holes of my nose, gouging my eye out and poking my mouth. Icky dream!!!

When I opened my eyes, it was Xofia's tiny little fingers all over my face. Must have lost interest from whatever's preoccupying her beforehand. I was extremely curious why her hands are so wet and cold and kinda sticky.

I groped to where her milk was so I can at least feed her, and there it was, or what could have been a puddle of milk, now a milk-soaked mattress. She must have had a grand time splashing it all over, raced time before the mattress absorbed it all down, and when she got bored, she went over to mommy and played with her face.

Right. I should've known.



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