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Friday, August 19, 2011

Racism and kids these days

Xofia has never been judgmental based on appearances of people. When we had our vacation in Pearl Farm last summer, Xofia was particularly fond of this male African guest, they even had pictures taken together.

Imagine our surprise when she said she'd never want to live in Africa because the people there are dark and have frizzy hair!

Their current lesson in school is about the seven continents. I raised this with her teacher, and the teacher said that she only described the people living in Africa as "dark-skinned and curly-haired". I learned from her that the moment she said that, another from the class said that they'd never want to be friends with people from Africa because they're dark. I am not sure how the teacher responded to that reaction, but it certainly gave Xofia (and probably the rest of the class), an opinion about dark-skinned people. A not-so-nice opinion at that, and even bordering on racism. So far, I've raised my kid in a judgment-free environment until this instance. Sigh, the things you sacrifice just to get your kids out into the real world.

Read on and see how racism is a real problem: Death penalty now a possibility in alleged Mississippi hate killing



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